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Charlie and I were lucky enough to get a chance to travel to Crescent City Florida and fish for 12 days.

We found a large number of fish in the canals leading to the St Johns River.  We took minnows with us because this is what they were using as well as a small jig.  Charlie decided to try his "old standard and favorite" Bobby Garland  ELECTRIC CHICKEN and found it to keep him very busy taking fish off the hook!   It is more common to see men drift fishing with minnows and bobbers than jig fishing. He enjoys the feel of the tug from the fish so he wanted to see first if he would be successful with jig fishing.  The last day of our trip we caught 170 crappie before having to leave the water at 3:30.  Not Bad for 3 poles in the water!

The fish coloring is unusual, I guess due to the brackish water.  Check out the link to a video I posted here on this page.